What is Verona Showers?

What is Verona Showers?

Verona Showers is a luxurious grout-free shower walls and floors made of either natural or engineered stone. Verona Showers products have evolved and expanded over the years. Original idea of creating grout-free shower walls and floors was born when our customers were asking us alternative shower pans to plastic and fiberglass, as well as solid stone shower walls without a grout.

Initially, material we selected for Verona shower and bath surfaces was engineered marble produced by Santa Margherita S.p.A., Italy. It was made from natural marble aggregate and filler combined with a special polyester thermal set resin binder. Santa Margherita engineered marble were attractive and affordable. However, they were limited in slab size of 48″x120″  and color selections were somewhat limited.

Since the introduction of our initial Verona Showers product in engineered marble, newer products have emerged, thus expanding our product line with more choice of shower designs and colors. Today, our Verona Showers products are mainly made of four different materials; Santa Margherita Engineered Marble, Silestone Quartz, SlimSlab porcelain, and Dekton ultracompact surfaces. Cost and application of each material varies. Please call or visit our showroom for a free consultation.

Shower Displays

Verona Showers in Santa Margherita and SlimSlab porcelain on display