Verona Showers Groutless Bath Products

Verona Showers Groutless Bath Products

Groutless Shower Walls

The stunning beauty of Verona marble shower walls will transform your bath into a luxury spa while increasing the value of your home! Verona Showers offer a wonderful balance of luxury, ease of maintenance, and affordability in a quality and long lasting product. With Verona Showers products, luxury is within your reach and budget!

Verona shower walls and floors are available in four different material and hundreds of colors, satisfying any design and style. Each Verona shower wall system is custom manufactured by Euro Stone Craft and installed throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland by its own skilled installers. Please visit our showroom to see our full range of material and colors.

Verona shower walls are 1/4" to 1/2" thick and they can be installed on any floor without the need for any additional floor joist reinforcement. Surfaces are easy to clean and unlike tiles, there are no grout lines to clean or a place for mold and mildew to grow. Verona Showers products will transform your old bath into a luxurious oasis.

Groutless Shower Walls in Quartz

Groutless Shower Walls in Quartz

Shower Floors (MarbaFloor™)

Step into the luxury of Verona Showers floors, MarbaFloor™. Verona Showers produce the most luxurious and unique shower pans on the market. With patent pending design, Verona Showers floors, MarbaFloor™, are exclusively developed and manufactured by Euro Stone Craft. MarbaFloor™ is custom made to any size and shape from solid natural or engineered stone. They are precisely carved using Euro Stone Craft’s most advanced CNC machinery and then hand polished by their skilled artisans.

Custom Shower Pan made from Engineered Marble

MarbaFloor™ can be used with Verona Showers marble walls as well as traditional tiled walls. Solid stone MarbaFloor™ solves problems associated with leaking tiled shower floors. With MarbaFloor™, you never have to worry about leaking, cleaning the grout or mold growth.

Verona Showers floors, MarbaFloor™, are specially designed and treated for slip resistance and enhanced beauty. They are easy to install and do not require any shower lining as with the tile floor.

In addition to our custom-made MarbaFloor, Verona Showers now carries and installs a more contemporary custom shower pans in all Silestone colors made in Spain. These stone shower pans are available in both traditional round drain, or more contemporary linear drain. They are available in all Silestone Quartz in polished or suede finish. Due to overseas manufacturing of this shower pan, a longer lead time is required.

Vanity Tops and Sinks

Verona  vanity tops are custom made and available in any size and sink style. Verona vanity countertops are available in both ¾” and 1 ¼”, 12 different edge profiles, and over thousands of different natural and engineered stone colors. Our extensive selection of stone remnants are ideal for vanity tops. Why pay for the entire slab of stone, when all you need is a vanity top. You may search by material, color, size, at our web site, and get an Instant Quote for your custom vanity top.

Tub Decks

Complement your groutless shower walls with custom-made tub deck. Euro Stone Craft state-of-the-art digital templating devices make tub decks a perfect fit in your bath.

Tub Deck and Surround Silestone Bianco River Quartz

Tub Deck and Surround Silestone Bianco River Quartz

Marble Tub Surround
Verona marble walls are ideal for your traditional bathtub surround. Grout-free design will make the cleaning a breeze and eliminates the mold and mildew found in grout lines of the tiled walls.

Verona tub surrounds are ½” thick and they can be installed on any floor without the need for any additional floor joist reinforcement. Installation of the Verona tub surrounds are easy and fast reducing the labor cost and time of the remodeling.

Floor Tiles

Verona marble is also available in 12x12 tiles in ½” thick making it ideal for any flooring application. Made of the same quality and colors of Verona Showers walls, it creates a luxurious and harmonious environment for your entire bathroom remodel.

Tub to Shower conversion

Are you tired of climbing into your old slippery bathtub to take an ordinary shower? Convert your old tub into a luxury shower spa. Verona Showers marble floor and wall system is a perfect solution for converting your tub into a relaxing and spacious shower. The custom design of the shower floor and walls cuts down the time and expense of remodeling. Now you can relax in ultimate comfort and luxury to revitalize your body, mind, and soul.

Bath Accessories

Of course shelves, niches, and shower benches are available and can be custom made to order. If you have any specific requirement, we will gladly fabricate it for you. Please Contact us with your inquiry.