Silestone Shower Walls and Floors

Groutless Silestone Shower Walls and Floors

Silestone Shower walls and shower pans are beautiful, durable, grout-free, and available in many designer colors. Silestone slabs come in two different sizes of 120"x55", and 128"x63", thus allowing you to cover your entire shower wall or tub surround without any seam or grout. Silestone slabs are also available in various thickness of 1/2", 3/4", and 1 1/4".. Large format 1/2" thick slabs are ideal for installation of groutless shower walls and tub surround, without the concern for the weight, or need to reinforce the floor joists.

Silestone Colors

There are many more Silestone colors than it is shown above. However, since not all of the Silestone colors are readily available colors in 1/2" thickness, we have limited our selection to most popular Silestone colors. If you are interested in other Silestone colors, please contact us for their availability. Since MarbaFloor, our patent-pending custom shower floor, is made of 1 1/4" slabs, any of the Silestone color may be used for the shower pan. 1 1/4" Silestone slabs may also be used for shower seat, and vanity tops for a sophisticated luxurious bath.

silestone shower walls Silestone shower walls are made of quartz, a natural hard raw material found in nature. Quartz surfaces are durable, stain and scratch resistance, and require no sealing or maintenance, as is required by the natural stone. Using Silestone quartz for your shower walls and floors, makes cleaning and maintenance of your shower walls a breeze. With its groutless design, you no longer need to deal with nasty grout lines, or worried about mold and mildew.

Silestone shower walls and floors are available in both contemporary, and traditional colors and patterns. Euro Stone Craft is one of the largest dealer and a certified fabricator of Silestone in Washington DC metro area.



Shower Walls and Tub Deck in Silestone Bianco Rivers

In addition to the shower walls, Verona Showers now carry custom-made shower pans made from any of Silestone Colors. These new attractive shower pans are made in Spain to your specification and delivered within 6 yo 8 weeks.

Freccia Custom Shower Pan in Silestone Blanco Orion

Freccia Custom Shower Pan shown in Silestone Blanco Orion