Verona Showers™ and Baths – Marble Shower Floors, Marble Walls, Tub Decks & Surrounds

Come home to a relaxing and luxurious shower and bath by Verona Showers. Verona Showers will help you create your dream bath with distinctive marble walls and floors. Whether you are doing a complete bath remodel, installing a new shower system, converting your tub to a shower, or simply replacing a bath tub or shower, Verona Showers will provide you with a perfect solution. Verona Showers walls and floors, made from solid marble aggregates, add lasting beauty and value to your home, while its grout-less design makes cleaning and maintenance of your bath effortless. Verona Showers and Baths are custom manufactured by Euro Stone Craft, one of the largest and most advanced fabricators of marble, granite, natural and engineered stone in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Verona Showers marble walls and floors are available through a network of authorized kitchen and bath dealers and certified remodelers throughout North America.

Verona Showers™ products include marble shower floors (MarbaFloor™), marble walls, tub decks and surrounds, and vanity tops. All Verona Showers are elegantly designed and customized so you can enjoy your bath for many years to come. Verona Showers marble walls and floors possess an innovative combination of opulence, elegance, and ease of maintenance.

All Verona Showers™ marble walls, shower floors, tub decks, and vanity tops are custom manufactured by Euro Stone Craft to perfectly fit into any space or configuration. Available in 21 brilliant and attractive colors of walls and floors and unlimited accent borders, Verona Showers will create any style and bath décor your imagination and creativity allows. Let your imagination go wild when you design your ultimate bathroom remodel! There are no limits to your vision, if you can imagine it, Euro Stone Craft can design and build it for you. Let us design and personalize your dream shower and bath today.